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Refrigerator Deep Freezer repair

Deep freezing is an industrial technique that involves cooling rapidly and brutally. Refrigerator Deep Freezer repair (a few minutes to an hour) food by exposing them intensely to temperatures from -30 °C to -50 °C, unite the product core temperature reaches -18 °c With this process, the water contained in the cells is finely crystallized. The killing of cells and the proliferation of microorganisms are limited. The cells become dormant as a result of the low-temperature Deep Refrigerator Freezer repair. Thus the products treated retain their freshness, textures, and flavors keeping their essential nutrients and vitamins.

To ensure optimum efficiency, deep-freezing equipment must be adapted according to the frozen food. Refrigerator Deep Freezer repair It is therefore necessary to observe the freezing capacity given on the date sheet of the deep freezing unit (deep-freezing tunnel).

Hegel offers deep freezing equipment for food industry professionals and other sectors such as medical on request. Once the deep-freezing cycle is performed, products are transferred to a negative cold room or freezing storage system for storage.

Deep freezing can cause serious food poisoning if the process is not performed correctly. It is, therefore, necessary to take numerous precautions to avoid this and to preserve the original quality of the products. 

All About Refrigerator Freezer Repair

It is impossible to imagine a home without a refrigerator nowadays. Not only does it let the food inside stay longer but also prevents the development of bacteria for a longer time. Kolkata's humid climate is also a major factor in why a refrigerator is required. It is not until a  refrigerator stops working that one realizes its importance. Refrigerators also need servicing and maintenance just like any other home appliance that you use. Generally, refrigerators last around 15 years, but their parts may malfunction. Finding a reliable refrigerator freezer repair at home will be difficult in this city and you can get duped. You can consider taking your non-functioning refrigerator to a renowned fridge repair service center in Kolkata. Newtack  Company offers specialized professionals who can easily repair your fridge and provide you with authentic parts for your home. Here are a few usual issues with the refrigerator.

Water leaks from the fridge: In a refrigerator, there is a drainage hole at the rear end above the drawers. This hole leads to the evaporation tray above the compressor. During the normal operation of the refrigerator water runs down into this hole. When this hole gets blocked by dirt or any food item, it forces the water back into the refrigerator which is seen as leakage. A skilled professional can easily fix this problem at your home.

The thermostat is faulty: A faulty thermostat will not be able to send a signal to the start capacitor and your refrigerator would not start refrigerator deep freezer repair. A freezer repair professional will replace this thermostat in an instant.

Refrigerator, not cooling problem: There are evaporator coils and circulating fans in the freezer zone of a refrigerator. Poor cooling can be a result of excessive frost. Another common reason for refrigerators not cooling properly is a defective evaporator fan. The fan circulates cool air from the freezer to other compartments inside the fridge. When the evaporator fan stops working it cannot circulate cool air inside the food section. Due to this, the freezer continues to be cold but the food section of your refrigerator does not cool.

Refrigerator making noise problem:  If your fridge is making loud noise then the condenser fan can be defective. In frost free refrigerator a condenser fan is located near the compressor at the bottom of the fridge. A condenser fan circulates air over the condenser coil to remove heat produced in the process of compression of refrigerant.  If your refrigerator freezer repair is making a loud noise that appears to be coming from the freezer section, then the evaporator fan might be at fault. An evaporator fan is located in the freezer section which circulated cool air in the food section of your fridge. There are chances that the evaporator fan blades of refrigerator are worn out or the fan blades have become lost, or the fan motor shaft does not turn freely. Sometimes due to defrosting problem of the refrigerator ice gets deposited on the fan blade, preventing the blades from moving freely. These obstructions in the free movement of the evaporator fan, faulty motor, damaged blades, etc. The result is a refrigerator-making noise problem.

Worn-out compressor: The compressors of the refrigerator are a little loud and noisy. But if the noise from the fridge becomes louder then normal, then the compressor might be at fault. If the noise from the refrigerator continues to worsen, it is an indication that the compressor is likely to fail in the near future. A faulty compressor is the most probable reason behind the refrigerator making noise problem.

Malfunctioning motor: The refrigerator stops functioning once the motor is damaged. Replacing this part is the only way for your fridge to run properly.


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