Kitchen Chimney Repair

Kitchen Chimney is an appliance that absorb smoke, fumes from kitchen and makes kitchen clean and oil, smoke free. In fact, modern kitchen chimney adds style and décor to your modular kitchen.

Depending on the structure, material and filtering process, chimney filter types are classified into 3 categories.

Cassette filter

Cassette filter is made of aluminum mesh that are stocked on each other. Gap between the mesh allows air through it. Oil, grease particles in air strike to the this mesh aluminum thread. Slowly these grease, oil particles clogged the mesh and affects the suction power of the chimney. That’s why, cassette filters need to wash, clean once in a week for better performance. To clean chimney, immerse cassette filter in a bucket of detergent water for some while, wash with cleaner water. If need you can scrub too.

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Carbon filter

Carbon filter, also known as charcoal filter because it is made up of black charcoal. Carbon filter mainly used for absorbing odor. The carbon filter is an optional one. In case of recycling/without duct, chimney carbon filter used along with the baffle filter or cassette filter. The oil, smoke particles clogged inside the carbon filter and reduce the suction power of the chimney, so they need to replace once in six months depending the intensity of cooking.

Kitchen chimney are an essential part of any kitchen, and its proper functioning is critical for a  hygienic cooking environment. Always get your chimneys repaired through experienced professionals who know what’s best for your appliances because a new kitchen chimney can become a costly affair. At Newtack, we provide a wide range of kitchen chimney repair technicians in Kolkata.

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