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AC Installation Service

A split ac Installation consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed on or near the exterior wall of the room that you wish to cool. After the location is confirmed, the AC installation service for the indoor or outdoor unit is started.

A split AC unit has so many different parts. Indoor unit AC Installation Service Outdoor unit is called an external unit, a Wall bracket (Elective), connecting pipes, and remote control.

. Make the marks as per the wall bracket in the split ac box, there is an aluminum wall bracket with all the necessary holes and attachments. To start the split ac indoor unit installation Ac Service, holes are marked on the wall as per the bracket.

.Drilling holes in the wall passing important pipes and cables through the wall installing the indoor unit of split ac forthwith split ac indoor unit is securely mounted on the wall bracket. Installing the outdoor unit of split ac outdoor unit of split ac Installation is too heavy so it should be handled carefully. Split ac installation After setting outdoor Split Ac installation the copper pipes and electrical connection are. After the indoor unit of split ac, the outdoor unit of split ac, copper pipes, drain hose, and all electrical connections of split ac are accurately installed, the air Ac Installation Service is switched on to check if it is working properly fine.

. The indoor unit of split ac Installation must be installed on a wall strong enough to hold the unit’s weight.

.The outdoor unit of split ac should be installed in an open space so that there is no hindrance to the heat dissipated from the condenser.

Window Air Installation

Window ac installation starts with removing the glass after that mesh from the window. Window ac unit is weighted that’s why required at least 2 people for installation.

 A window AC unit has so many different parts outer case or frame, inner unit, remote control, and Front screen.

In window AC installation, first, the outer case is securely fixed in the window with the help of screws. The inner unit of the window ac is then firmly fixed inside the outer case with the help of screws. After the inner unit of the window ac is properly fixed in the outer case that is switched on the ac is to check it is starting properly.

Window ac Installation must be installed at the correct height. The best height for window ac installation is 3-4 feet from the floor. A window ac should be installed at a place away from the heat source. Do not install window ac units in an area exposed to rain and direct sunlight.


Why AC Repair And Maintenance Important

An air conditioner collects dust and debris during operation which prevents it from cooling properly. Whether you have a window ac or split ac, its important to Get your AC serviced to ensure a trouble-free performance. A c not cooling, Ac making noise, water leakage from the AC, etc. These problems can be prevented by regular AC installation service and maintenance.

Air Filter and fin cleaning

An air filter collects a huge amount of dust and dirt during operations. Dirty air Filters in the AC cause problems like ice formation. AC not cooling etc.

Drain cleaning 

The PRO checks if water is dripping or pooling anywhere in the unit during AC service. He also checks if there is any leakage from the pipes and tubes inside the AC unit. While performing the AC Installation service, PRO cleaned the drain and removes the dirt and debris to prevent the problem of water leakage from the a/c unit.

Coolant level check in air conditioner

During AC service the PRO checks if the coolant level is just right in the cooling or evaporator coils. When the level of coolant is less than the required amount the temperature of the cooling coil drops much below normal and your AC stop cooling. 


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